We are an innovative initiative focused on improving quality, safety and sustainability in the food industry. We commit to promoting collaborative solutions that redefine the quality of the fish we consume, highlighting innovation, food security and sustainable production practices, while promoting low-impact, high-efficiency aquaculture systems, an integral part of our efforts for a more sustainable future , based on the circular economy.

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Quality Assurance and Food Safety

Ensure quality standards in fish, through innovative technologies and traceability practices, from origin to plate.

Focus on reducing environmental impact and food waste by increasing the efficiency of food production from aquaculture fish, through the adoption of practices and technologies that promote the sustainability of natural resources.

Drive innovation in food retail, investing in technologies and new traceability methods to optimize processes and ensure food safety.

Promote efficient and sustainable aquaculture systems, based on a zero waste strategy, and develop innovative solutions that increase production efficiency.

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products, processes and services

New methods of fish safety traceability and detection

LOWTROPH autonomous modular systems

Project wants new solutions to guarantee fish quality

MC leads a research project that[...]

Vertical Fish launches website

Vertical Fish, led by MC, launched the[...]